Proton Mail 加入暗网数据泄露监控功能

发布时间: 2024-04-23

瑞士加密邮件软件厂商 Proton Mail 引入了暗网监控功能,可帮助其付费用户监控私人数据是否已被泄露。为此,Proton 会扫描暗网以查询用户的电子邮件地址,当发现用户的数据在暗网泄露时,他们会在 Proton Mail 中收到警报。Proton 将准确显示哪些数据已被泄露,并解释泄露来源以及建议的保护措施,例如更改密码或启用双因素身份验证。订阅 Proton Mail 的用户可享受暗网监控功能。

Swiss encrypted email software provider Proton Mail has introduced dark web monitoring functionality to help its paid users monitor whether their private data has been leaked. To do this, Proton scans the dark web for users’ email addresses, and when it detects that a user’s data has been leaked on the dark web, they receive an alert within Proton Mail. Proton accurately displays which data has been leaked, explains the source of the leak, and provides recommended protective measures, such as changing passwords or enabling two-factor authentication. The dark web monitoring feature is available to subscribers of Proton Mail.