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Hidden Wikis

Index pages in Wiki-based format.

Other indexes

Other places/directories you may be able to find links.

Search engines

Google for Tor. Search for links.

  • Grizzly Search Engine - New search engine. Currently needs javascript to work, will soon make a non-JS version.
  • TORCH - Tor Search Engine. Claims to index around 1.1 Million pages.
  • Deepsearch - Another search engine.
  • Torgle - Torgle revived. Based on OnionWare's server. Web crawler.
  • The Abyss - Administrator's search engine. Supports submitted links.
  • Ahmia.fi - Clearnet search engine for Tor Hidden Services (allows you to add new sites to its database).
  • DuckDuckGo, clearnet - Clearnet metasearch engine with heavy filtering. Not like the aforementioned search engines to look up Hidden Services. Just searches the clearnet.

Other general stuff to see

Starting places.


See also: The separate Drugs and Erotica sections for those specific services.

Reviews of the marketplace experience does not belong to the list below.

Be wary when using any of these services, especially Commercial.

Financial Services

Currencies, banks, money markets, clearing houses, exchangers.

  • Banker and Co. - Professional money laundering and consultation service.
  • Anonymous Internet Banking - Anonymous Debit Cards with EU bank account and VCCs by A HackBB trusted vendor
  • InstaCard - Sell your bitcoins for a virtual - VISA credit card, in $25, $50, or $100 denominations. $5 fee.
  • Paypal4free - Hacked Paypal accounts for cheap, with balances
  • PayPal Store - Purchase clean, verified USA PayPal accounts with Bitcoin. (Host: FH)
  • Bitcoin Fog - Laundry service.
  • Little BTC Ebook - The new way of selling and buying Bitcoin is through Second Life, more information here.

Commercial Services

Scams / Likely Scams

Hosting Services


  • TorShare - 2GB file upload limit. No illegal files. Server encrypts filenames. Allows zip and rar files.
  • Sky Fortress - Open source, upload and download encrypted files.
  • The Onion Cloud - Tor/ownCloud based cloud. Login/Pass: public/public.
  • TOR Upload Service - Allows files up to ~10GB, uses javascript/flash.
  • Onion Fileshare - 2GB Upload file size limit. Upload any files you want.
  • ES Simple Uploader - Upload images, docs and other files. 2 MiB upload limit. (Host: FH)
  • sTORage - Upload files. Has WebDAV support. It is being taken down. Please move any files you may host there.
  • Onionweb filehosting - ~100mb file size limit, only accepts archive files; no illegal files.

Image Hosting

  • Magic Mirror - Open source, encrypted image hosting - you can only see files if you are linked to them - NO CP.
  • bittit, clearnet - Host and sell your original pictures for Bitcoins.
  • IMGuru (More info) - Fast GIF/JPEG host. No images removed. If you get the error Invalid File, retry the upload. (Host: FH)
  • SquareBoard - Upload and share high quality images. (Moderated)
  • QicPic - Upload any type of file. Caches and compresses uploaded files to decrease loading time. (Host: FH)
  • Onion Image Uploader - Image Hosting. 2 MiB upload limit. Generates medium thumbnails. (Host: FH)


  • anonHTML - anonymous plaintext and (rendered) HTML hosting
  • AnonPaste - minimalist, opensource online pastebin; the server has no knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.
  • TorBin - Encrypted JS-based pastebin (Host: FH)
  • PasteOnion - Paste and share text, sources, whatever. You can make your paste public or set a password. (Host: FH)
  • pad.riseup.net, clearnet - Etherpad service from Riseup
  • BlackBin - Uncensored, open source pastebin

Web Hosting

View the Webhost Comparison for a bit more information.

  • Freedom Hosting (More info) - Invite-only. Hosting Service with PHP/MySQL. As of 2011-06-04, it hosts about 50% of the live OnionWeb by onion. UPDATE 2011-06-05, probably owns a lot more than that now. Likely owns around 75% of OnionNet.
  • ANONSERVER - Paid-for. Tor web hosting, provides FTP/SSH. Down?
  • torhost.onion - Free anonymous web hosting. Has a free plan, and a free "fairpaid" plan -- useful services will get more bandwidth, web space, etc.
  • OnionHosting - Paid-for, no CP. Run by the administrator of several other services. High prices and very flexible.
  • Liberty's Hackers - Service and Hosting Provider in Onionland - php5/mysql support - requests considered case by case (Host: LH)
  • Pachinco's WebHosting Service - Free, no CP. Contact the administrator for hosting. Allows the following scripts: FlatPress, PunBB, SMF, and gpEasy.


Blogs / Essays / Personal Pages

Forums / Boards


Other forum types. Usually phpBB.


Non-CP or generally safe imageboards on Tor. See the chan page.

  • AlliumIB - Has Random, Darknets, Technology, etc. with several non-standard board topics.
  • Anonchan - Boards: /b/ - Random. All moderation seems to have abandoned it.
  • Hidden Image Site - HIS. Only a /b/. Not much content.
  • Rainbow - The best chan. Has Random, Drugs, Site Discussion, etc. Does not use normal *chan directory structure. - DOWN (2013/02/??)
  • OniiChan - Has Random, KITTEH, and several other boards.
  • TriChan - /mlp/ My Little Pony, /b/ Random, /dgft/ dgft, and /pdf/ books.
  • Lukochan - A Russian/English text discussion board in imageboard style.

Forum Scripts

  • PunBB 1.3.6 Forum script - During installation, you need not give your email address to create your forum! When registering you do not need feeding your e-mail! You can register without e-mail. The script does not register in the forum database your IP! nor the Administrator / Moderator cannot see your IP address gives you a much safer use of the forum because your IP is not logged anywhere in the database! Two mirrors download.

Email / Messaging

See also: The compendium of clearnet Email providers
  • SMS For Tor - Encrypted private messaging service
  • Startbook - online management of your bookmarks/favorites
  • Hell Online - "The Anti-social Network" - Seems to be a type of Twitter clone.

Political Advocacy



See also: WikiLeaks Official Site and Official Submission Onion (temporarily closed).



Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack.

Audio - Music / Streams

Video - Movies / TV

Libraries / Books

See also: Category:Novel - List of books on this wiki.





Religion / Philosophy

Weapons / Training

  • LiberaTor - Making weapons, military training, and related subjects. (Host: FH)
  • ParaZite - Collection of forbidden files and howto's (pdf, txt, etc.).



Noncommercial (D)

These sites have only drug-related information/talk. No sales or venues.

  • Be Here Now - The North American Laughing Buddha (Folk medical advice from a pothead). (Host: FH)
  • TorDrugResource - Drug Chemistry and Pharmacology including limited Rhodium/Hive/Synthetikal mirrors. (Host: FH)
  • Serenity Files - Community-maintained library on growing illicit substances.
  • Shroomtastic Community of Magic Mushroom growers, Learn to grow, ask questions, and have fun.
  • Cannabis Crew United Let Us Unite And End Prohibition Now. Genius idea about how to help end cannabis prohibition posted on the forum. You have to register to view and post ideas.

Commercial (D)

See also: Marketplace Reviews - Reviews of the marketplace experience. Use escrow whenever possible.

Scams/Likely scams

Needs feedback.

  • Potco - Update 11/09/2012 - Now on updated/working servers. Potco is a weed supplier that ships to the US and Canada. They will sell you the product and teach you how to stay safe and secure. Their new forum gives them a site for feedback and reviews from their customers.
  • Eradic - SCAM. Frequently changes/deletes negative reports on various sites and spams his address across imageboards. Has scammed countless people. Do not use him under any circumstances.
  • HighTime's Emporium - Weed, powder, pills and hallucinogens. Spammed all over HackBloc. (Bitcoin) (Host: FH)
  • Molly Shop - Pure, lab tested crystal MDMA (BTC)
  • Worldwide Supply - Discreet, worldwide, large sales only (LR/BTC/Dwolla) - MDMA/Coke/Heroin/LSD/more. (Host: FH)
  • Onion Weed Shop Weed, Hash and Speed from Germany. (Bitcoin,LR,Ukash,PSC)
  • Fund-a-Grow - Invest in the production of Medical Marijuana (Bitcoin)
  • Mom4Europe - Marijuana from Netherlands (Bitcoin)
  • DrugSpace - Dispensary
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